Carissa and Huberth Marak {Casper, Wyoming Wedding, Tate Pump House Reception}

I have some MAJOR catching up on my blog to do this summer and I can’t wait to share photos and sessions with you that you haven’t seen before. So, to start off this major catch up, I’m excited to share one of my most favorite weddings i’ve had the honor of photographing. It’s really fun when I get to work with people I know and love, but it’s even MORE special when those people are your family! My cousin, Carissa got married this January and it was so special to be able to photograph her day.  Although we lived pretty far away from each other most of our childhood, the times our families were together were full of so many fun memories. Now that all of us are grown up, our busy schedules and families haven’t allowed us all to get together in a long time, so I was really looking forward to the week we would spend together.

Huberth and Carissa’s day was full of wonderful friends and family, lots of laughing, belly dancing, yummy food, and lots of love. Some of my favorite memories from the day was watching Carissa see herself in her wedding dress for the first time, listening to my uncle sing during the ceremony (not sure how he made it through that one with out any tears!) THE KISS! Hilarious. The sweet, heartfelt toasts at the reception, watching my grandma dance with my husband and of course, the belly dancing! SO FUN! Also, if you’ve never been to Wyoming… just prepare yourself for the WIND. HOLY COW. The wedding party was very brave and we decided to venture outside for a few minutes to take some group photos. I’m really surprised no one blew away! SERIOUSLY. The photos will make you laugh 🙂

I asked Carissa and Huberth to share their favorite moments from their wedding day, and also a bit of advice to brides and grooms preparing to get married. Here’s what they had to say:

Carissa’s favorite moment: When the pastor announced that the groom may kiss his bride. Traditionally Indians don’t tend to kiss in public so many of the Bollywood romance scenes show the guy kissing the girl’s cheek instead of kiss on the lips.  Huberth whispered to me during the ceremony, “Don’t turn your cheek.” So I did.

Carissa’s advice:  No matter how much you get done beforehand, the week of the wedding is crazy. Be intentional about taking time for yourself, prayer and reflection.

Huberth’s favorite moment: My favorite moment of the wedding is when I saw Carissa walk down the aisle  with her dad in her gown. Then I knew she didn’t run away! Also she was so beautiful .

Huberth’s advise: Advice hmmm! I would say don’t get distracted by trying to make the wedding the ‘most awesome’ with outward trappings. Enjoy the moment!

Church: First Presbyterian Church Casper, Wyoming
Catering & Cakes: Gegi’s

Florist (bride’s bouquet & maid of honor bouquet): Flower Gallery
Reception:Tate Pump House
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