The Daniel Fam {College Station Family Photographer}

You know those kind of friends you have that you KNOW will be friends for life? The Daniel family are those kinds of friends to my husband and I. Dave was my husbands bible study leader when he was in college at Texas A&M and after we got married, we move in an apartment right across the street from them. We had many fun nights together playing Settlers of Catan, watching Aggie football games on TV and playing with their newborn baby boy Jordan. A lot of our passion and desire to go to East Asia was sparked by the Daniel’s heart for the country. When we lived in East Asia, we were neighbors again with the Daniel’s and worked and went to school with Dave. We would not have survived living in EA with out these best friend neighbors!!!! Ok, maybe we would have made it through but it definitely wouldn’t have been as much fun! Their 2nd son, Gabe, shares a birthday with Daniel (which happens to be today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABEY!) and I’m convinced that spending time with their PRECIOUS kiddos is what started Daniel’s baby fever! Praise the Lord!!!! 🙂  Dave and Jessica and the boys are still living in East Asia but came back to the states to give birth to their third baby boy, Michael. We were really excited that they would be coming back home to have him because  we wanted to spend time with them! A few weeks ago, I went to go meet the new addition, and see the whole family. I got to take some family photos of them and had a lot of fun getting to see Gabe and Jordan (it had been almost 2 years since we’d seen them!!!!) Here’s a few of my favorites from that day 🙂 WE LOVE YOU DANIEL FAMILY!


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