Anna and Sayre – Wedding at The Round Barn- Arcadia, Oklahoma

Every wedding I photograph is special but THIS wedding was EXTREMELY SPECIAL to be a part of. Like I mentioned in her Bridals that I posted a few days ago, watching Anna Fielder become Mrs. Anna McNeil is pretty much like watching my little sister get married! Our families have been friends for as LONG as I can remember… and not just friends, but more like FAMILY. I was SO honored and excited to photograph Anna and Sayre’s wedding for a lot of reasons. First because Anna and her amazing family is so special to me but also because I knew it would be SO fun, relaxing and crazy  just like Anna. The wedding was perfect, the bride and groom were SO BEAUTIFUL and it was SO SO SO MUCH FUN! Anna and Sayre and to the Fielder and McNeil families- I love y’all and am SO thankful to be a part of your day. Anna, you are so precious to me and I LOVE that I got to capture all the moments of you becoming a WIFE. LOVE YOU.

Anna’s ring is passed down from Sayre’s grandmother which I think is SO special! What a wonderful gift to have to remember her on their a wedding day.

Anna and Sayre’s sweet dog, Puglet. Anna said this was the ONLY photo she really wanted on her wedding day 🙂 And while I know she was mostly kidding I am glad we got this cute pic 🙂 🙂 🙂

Puggy being RIDICULOUSLY cute!

Anna helping Rachel get ready, sweet sisters!

The GORGEOUS bride 🙂

More of the girls getting ready for the day!

A note from Sayre that he gave to Anna along with a beautiful diamond bracelet!

🙂 Mom and Daughter

After the girls finished getting ready we headed out to the barn to take some pictures before hand. SO thankful it didn’t rain!!!

Sayre and his guys!

Saying hello before the ceremony but NOT peeking 🙂 The restrooms were the ONLY place that Anna could hide out before the ceremony but I LOVE the red walls and door!

Right before they were pronounced husband and wife, I LOVE this big hug they gave each other!

HAHA! Love these next 2 of Mr and Mrs. McNeil!

Hands down the BEST FIRST DANCE EVER! I’m not sure anyone will ever top this dance!!!! Anna and Sayre danced to “Stuck on You” by Sugarland. COMPLETELY unchoreographed and  it was PRECIOUS! They were soooo cute. I know a few people videoed it and I’ll TOTALLY post it if I get a chance. LOVE LOVE LOVED it!

All off the guys had these tuxedo shirts on and Sayre revealed his during the dance. 🙂

Daddy Daughter dance 🙂

Sayre and his SWEET Mom

More dancing – love this one of Marcia and her grandkids! So fun.

The cakes were made by Anna’s mom and grandma – carrot cake and italian cream cake! SO good!

Cutting the cake got a little messy!

As usual, Rachel DANCED the night away 🙂


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